What I've admired most about Film/TV + Theatre are the stories that touch people's lives and inspire them to act in such a way that gives them confidence to follow their dreams, courage to love and be in relationships, guts to pursue a career change, the heart to forgive family, and in some cases not be afraid to talk about God.


The industry has always been able to capture the essence of what it means and looks like to be human, its struggles and successes. When a person is able to connect to a character and experience empathy for them, it helps that person have empathy for themselves and to continue with their own journey. 


Throughout my educational and professional career, I've always found a stage to perform a character and to involve young adults in creative projects and in the joy of acting. I am intrigued by people's stories and find peace and inspiration in the journey of others. I believe that acting provides a window into the human spirit. To be a part of that work is uniquely rewarding.

 Jessica V. Tillman

2010 - present
2010 - present