Beginning Intensive Showcase

I had been playing with the idea of acting and I finally took the plunge. I started taking acting classes at Terry Schreiber Studio and Theatre (TSS) from the advice of my friend Jeantique Oriol. He was enrolled in the MFA program at NYU and thought that it was a great place to start. He had quit is job to pursue acting about 2 years ago and he has been doing really well. So I did it. I stop letting money stop me from pursuing my dreams and I was in a city that is probably one of the best places to study. And let me reiterate one thing, I stopped letting money stop me. This is very important. Sometimes we get stuck. We want to accomplish something like, get that promotion, husband, own a business, be a stay at home mom, whatever it is, we believe we can have it. And that's important to note: We believe.

Two of my friends recommended that I take the Landmark Education course after hearing me talk about that I wasn't happy with my job and I feel like I don't know how to get to where I want to be. I was apprehensive at first but I decided to take that step off the ledge when I heard something that changed my life. My friends invited me to a guest night at the seminar course and she was talking to the folks who hadn't completed the session yet, "Usually the reason that you don't want to sign up from the course, is that same thing that stops you in accomplishing all of your dreams. This course will help you overcome what stops you in life." It was so true. Money. Money was what stopped me. I decided I wasn't going to it anymore. I let it go.

My experience in beginning intensive acting class was a chance to see if I could really act. I wanted to answer the questions: Do I still enjoy acting the way I did as a young adult in high school? Do I still love it? Do I have any potential? I found out for myself the answer is YES. I wanted to continue studying and taking classes. I wanted to see how this plays out.

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