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I maintained a great relationship with writer, Nathan Lunsford. I auditioned for a him a few months back for a different role in another short film. He contacted me because he thought I would be perfect for the lead role in his upcoming short film called, FADE-IN.

He introduced me to Meeni Naqvi, a director who was just starting her first year in graduate school for film. We had a meeting at a coffee shop in Brooklyn, NY. We immediately clicked and she decided that she wanted to move forward with me in the film. We held a casting call for the co-lead actor. Luckily, I got invited to be the reader for the casting process. Typically, I'm on the other side of the audition and it was interesting to see each actors approach to the script. The It evaluation process was also a learning experience. We look at each performance with a critical-eye, along with the looking at the attitudes of actor, how they'd fit the character for the purposes of the film.

Meeni choose James Best. He was just perfect. Meeni and I knew it from the beginning. We had a table reading a week or so after casting and got to collaborate with the writer and director on the script, what seems natural, the internal dialogue of the characters. We even got a chance to do acting exercises and rehearse a bit. We filmed at a local cafe' in Brooklyn a few weeks after. I've shared a slide show of pictures above.

This experience taught me how important it is to maintain relationships with people within your industry. Writers, directors, producers, etc. no matter where they are on the road to success. Also, don't under-estimate the power of unpaid acting work.

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