RUNZA Restaurants Commercial

I booked my first principal role in 5 commercial spots for RUNZA Resturants based in Omaha, Nebraska. RUNZA is a fast food chain in the midwest, know for the beef and cabbage pockets. The company flew me and 5 other actors to Omaha, Nebraska for 6 days and took care of everything. I am so lucky and grateful to be in four commercials with talented actors cast. It was produced by Great Plains productions company. Everyone was kind and really just pleasant to work with but most of all efficient. Special shot out to Janet, Cassie, and Shannon, wardrobe and makeup stylist.

I have been signed to JTA Talent Agency, Inc. since July. I have had great auditions but I was a little discouraged because I hadn't booked anything. But booking this commercial that if you are patient, it will come to you. I felt really great about the audition. I had my audition coach Brian LaFontaine tape it for me with the recommendation of my agency. He is so great and give me some great feed back that made me approach the audition in a more realistic way.

I'd encourage any new actor to get a coach to assist you. Set aside the monetary needs to get your audition taped professionally because it makes a big difference. It shows casting directors that you are serious and you are willing to invest in your career. And your audition will stand out from the majority of actors who will not submit professional quality tapes.

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