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I was in NYC the day received the audition request for the Duke Energy commercial. It was the last day of a busy week, which included shopping for my best friend's baby shower, preparing for a photoshoot in Brooklyn, and hanging out with friends. Soon after receiving the request, I immediately texted Helen Abell, actor/receptionist at Terry Schreiber Studios to ask if she had time to squeeze me in her schedule. She also provides audition taping and coaching services for actors. And surprisingly, I not only needed to tape for Duke Energy, but also for the TV series called Atlanta, produced by Donald Glover. I was thrilled!

The Duke Energy casting directors asked actors to choose from a few scenarios for the audition. Of course, I picked 'selfies'. Once Helen and I got the position right for the camera, it was a breeze. The pictures above are a few selfies I took during the audition taping. Next, the Atlanta audition was awesome because the dialogue in the script was very similar to the way my friends and I talk to each other, so it came very natural to me. No callback for it but I was happy for the opportunity. I must admit, it wasn't my best performance.

I booked the Duke Energy commercial though!!! The commercial is below. So excited! And it was so much fun! It was filmed on a rooftop of this amazing residence in Wilmington, NC. That week Prince passed away so we dance to some of his songs for the shoot and it was awesome. Such a great way commemorate a wonderful artist and get a job done. The producers and production crew were very easy to work with.

This is just another example of how when you stay the course, your blessings will come. When you least expect it. Oh, and remember, set-up your auditions taping asap. Don't delay the process, even if your not sure how you'll make if happen. Early notice for the person who tapes you, is considerate and thoughtful. They will appreciate you for that instead of waiting until the last minute.

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