Graduation Ceremony at Terry Schreiber Studio & Theatre

On May 17th, 2015, I graduated from the One Year Conservatory Program at Terry Schreiber Studio and Theatre.

It was such an amazing year of hardwork, dedication, and commitment. The most valuable thing I learned was how essential it is for your instrument to be functioning at its maximum level, and when I say instrument, I mean your body and voice. Your voice, body, inner life, triggers, objectives, needs/wants, and biography all have a role to play in being able lend yourself over to a character. My work has become better because I know how to prepare myself, how to approach the work, and I know how to go the extra mile makes you stand out from the pack.

It essential that you attend a good acting program. Look at the school's reviews, are the teachers and students working actors etc. It's truly important. If you can take advantage of acting programs in NYC or LA then that's the best place to get educated and learn acting techniques.

Before graduation, we performed at the industry showcase which allowed actors to perform to scene for agents, managers, and casting directors. As a result, I got cast in Aladdin for the Galli Childrens' Theater NYC for the summer and I'll be in a short film written by Nathan Lunsford called Fade-In.

I'm so happy and grateful that I got to work with an amazing group actors. More importantly, I'm even more thrilled that I received training from a group of talented and thoughtful teachers who are working actors and directors themselves.

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