Tinder App Commercial

A friend from high school reached out to me on Instagram and told me that his friends had told him about Tinder so he goes on the app to check it out and there I am. I was so surprised that he saw me on the Tinder App commercial. I didn't think anybody would see it.

I found the Tinder App audition on backstage.com. So I went to the audition location on the casting description. It was some apt in Soho. I go up the elevator that led directly to the apartment and who do I see as I walked in? a client that I worked with at Moncler. I work as a sales professional full-time while I work on acting part-time. He said Hi. You look familiar. I said yes. I helped you pick out a jacket at Moncler. They sat me down for a second and then called me into a room with a white backdrop. A guy took a few photos and said that I was a natural. I left and I knew they would hire me. No pay but it didn't matter.

The day of the shoot, the sent me to a downtown location in the Lower East Side. We were filming a dinner scene at a small restaurant. The had a make-up and stylist but I had to bring my own wardrobe. I didn't really have much fancy stuff but I brought what I had. I actually hated the outfit she picked out for me, but wasn't my call. We started filming, chatting, and laughing during the scene and the moment came when I realized that I was the main feature in the take. What was funny about it was the director kept asking me to not be so surprised when he shows me the iPhone and we ended up doing it like 7 times. I don't think he got what he wanted because if you watch the video now, I basically looked surprised. Its called Tinder Moments.

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