How to get Headshots on a Budget

My good friend Franklin and I team-ed up and bartered our skills for each other. Something that I highly recommend if you are both amateurs in your field of interest. He was looking to practice with his new camera and I was looking for some free photos. I wanted to have headshot so that I can create an acting profile on backstage and submit myself to a few jobs to start my resume. We talked about my ideas, wardrobe, actions, and location. And shot them over a few weeks. He even went with me to an acting gig which was pretty cool to post on my social media page. I loved how the photos turned out. We were in public places so it was really shocking to be how uncomfortable it can be to pose in front of people staring and looking over at who you could be. Anyway, I mustered my way through it and it was so easy to work with Franklin. He's patient and really willing to get the job done.

I'd say if you are an actor just starting out and you have limited financial resources, definitely find a photographer who is just starting out too. Most are more than willing to work with you to build their portfolio. Even if they don't want headshots or commercial photos, we can ask them what type of photos they would like. Maybe that want editorial pictures, family, or couple photos, but be careful of those who want boudoir photos because you really have to trust that person and also have someone sit in the session with you. Anyway, BARTERING is the name of the game for actors on a budget...because eventually you'll be able to afford to pay for better photos.

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