Building Relationships: Good Luck

Grandscale Films asked me to play a role in a trailer for an upcoming movie called, Good Luck which focuses on how to attract the people, money, and things into your life simply by envisioning yourself already having it. Of course, I was totally on board with the project. I met the producer/videographer through a mutual friend who is a trainer at the gym I frequented on 6th Ave. I told him that I was taking acting classes, so he introduced me to one of his friend. He was looking for people to be in a trailer and also a space to shoot a part of the footage. So I said yes to both. He paid me for using my spot. I actually got one of my friends to join me in one of the scenes. And there was an outdoor scene that was shot in Astoria Park which by the way is a great place to run. Below, is the trailer for the movie. It came out pretty well.

At the end of the day, working with people met through mutual friends is probably the best way to work. There is already trust built because of the referral and again, for some footage you agreed to barter your skills. And it such a great way to create contacts and build relationships. Also, what's most important is that I communicated what my goals were and what I was working towards. If I would have keep this inside, I probably would have known anything about this opportunity. Share you passion and your talent. Its okay. Nobody is going to laugh at you. Its astonishing how many people I come across who say they secretly want to be an actor/actress. And I say really? I never knew. I used to be that person. Who didn't say anything about my secret. It will put in the same position you've always been. Look in the mirror say it aloud to yourself until you get this warm feeling inside, and then say it to your closest friend. Then, to you parents, and then to strangers. The reaction will be mixed but at least by then you won't care what they think because you're just so happy you can be you.

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