One Year Conservatory Showcase

Showcases are snippets of plays within a series of plays that are meant to show an actors skills OR it could be a full play. Actors are paired up with each other to bring to life a scene of play. Robert Verlaque chose a play called, The Dining Room and Peter Jensen chose a full length play that brings shows how actors can evolve with the character they are playing called, The Rimers of Eldritch. Terry Schreiber's One Year Conservatory program required its students to complete two showcases.

The Dining Room is about how family life in our American culture has always been centered-around the dinning room. Sally has a fight with her brother about who will get the dinning room table after their mom has passed away. The Architect paints a picture of a potential home buyer based on how a typical day in a life with go as a therapist who wakes up has breakfast and lunch with her family at the dinning table, then to casually go off to her own corner office to great clients. And Sarah a teenager invites a girl over from school she barely knows to raid her father liquor cabinet to have a drink at the dining table while they wait for the high school boys to come over. They both recount what it was like to have dinner with family.

The Rimers of Eldritch is about the people in a midwestern town of Missouri who are going through a courtroom trial about who killed the usual man and who hurt the crippled girl. Small towns are notorious for the fact that 'everybody knows everybody' and everything, especially your business. The main character of the story the hovers of the town is a creepy guy who is disgusting in appearance, probably a drunk and everyone in the town dreads to see him. There's the old lady and her daughter, the youth, the town slut, and the immigrant who started her own business. The gossip girls, the devote christian and her crippled daughter; the law, priest, and the judge; and the brother who works at the car shop and who doesnt do anything with his life but happens to be with the most modest girl in town. The play is shocking, emotional, funny, and serious all at different times.

We were all terrified that The Rimers of Eldritch would be a nightmare but surpisingly the audience preferred the Rimers of Eldritch over The Dining Room which had been performed the night before. What was so difficult about this play was the blocking. And the majority of the time most of the cast had to be onstage. This challenges you to pay attention to whats going on at all times, instead of doing a scene and then your done. It was especially challenging for a few of us who played more than one character. I had to change seven times in order to come in for two characters, Lena and Nelly, even sometimes with in mintues of each other. Although, it was difficult, I was happy that I had the experience. And the cast felt the same way.

Overall, being apart of a production is always great. The length of your lines might overwhelm you, or the number of characters you have to play might make you wonder how your acting is being affected but, you push through anyway. Luckily, my performance in both of these plays helped me book my first job after graduation. Galli Childrens' Theatre, I played 3-different characters and actually got paid for it! Your experience are always for a reason so keep pushing.

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