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On August 21st, 2015, I jumped on a plane to New York City to meet two of my former classmates of the One Year Conservatory at T. Schreiber Studio & Theatre class of 2015. We had decided during the summer that we would shoot Ellies' short film, Served On A Plate. After postponing the shoot for two months so that Ellie could go on vacation, and I could move back to North Carolina and settle in, we finally choose a weekend to get it done. I arrived in NYC at noon and met them in Astoria, Queens at Ellies' apartment. Jason arrived soon after, I felt famished and decided to ordered Indian food, while Jason bought a sandwich at a Deli nearby. We had put aside Friday to rehearse and that is exactly what we did. Rehearsed blocking, working with food while saying lines, etc. We even brought out some ole'acting techniques that had been forgotten after a long, fulfilling summer of sun and fun. We are definitely grateful that we have lots of tools in our arsenal giving us the ability to do good work. Thanks to our wonderful teachers at T.S.S.

After rehearsal, Ellie and I walked over to Astoria Park and ran along the water. We chatted about our plans and goals, shared acting stories, and journey leading up to that moment. I hopped in the shower and caught an Uber cab to the city to meet up with a friend. Finally, I arrived back in Astoria close to midnight. We planned to shoot around 11:30 on Saturday, so I had more than enough sleep. That morning, I ate the remainder of the cliff bar Jason gave me and some tea. After we got warmed-up, and the crew began to arrive, we began shooting. We filmed from 12 noon until 11pm. We clearly thought that it wouldn't take more than 8 hours but unexpected things happen and we could have used an assist or two.

Regardless, it was such a learning experience. More and more I develop more respect to film actors. There is so much focus and dedication required to be great on camera. I'm honored to have worked with such wonderful actors and great a production crew. We toughed it out together! I'm extremely excited to see the finished project. Here's a link to the unfinished version on my page:​

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