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From a previous post, I discussed bartering with friends to accomplish your goals. Bartering with friends is always great. That's why its important to share what you are working on with people around you, just to see what's possible because they may know someone who can help.My friend wanted to get some more experience using his camera, and I needed photos. It was perfect. I used those photos to build my website.

We ended up shooting in four different locations with a variety of looks, from casual to athletic to dressy. I used the Wix platform and also created a Backstage profile. As a result, I got a few auditions for short films and feature films. Mostly non-paid but I was just happy to go on any audition at such an early period in my career. I was only taking a few beginning acting classes at night on my days off from my retail job.


I still use Wix today and since THEN I've gotten much better at it building my website. There was definitely lots of trial and error. I'd spend hours on it, and then later realize that I hated it. And my Macbook Air has some years under its belt, so my computer ran slow a one point, so it would take me 10 mins to update a paragraph in the bio. I thugged it though for a couple of months, while I sat with my nephew as he watched wrestling. Now, I'm really happy with it.

I'm still updating it, luckily for good reasons. I've gotten new professional headshots, added a reel, more photos, my resume, a social page, agent contact info, and press. And a new addition, called music I'm into. I'm exposing a more personal side of me, which has always been a challenge but I'm gaining an understanding that you can completely be yourself, not be afraid of what others will think, and do great things.

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